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Advertising playing cards

Aug 12, 2016  Advertising playing cards

We offer playing cards for promotion. Front side could be poker, marriage or canasta and reverse side could be up to the client´s wishes - 4 colours offset printing.

Company: MP TOBACCO s.r.o.
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Ripair of clothing in Brno

Jun 21, 2016  Ripair of clothing in Brno

Repair of clothing in Brno. Tailoring offers repair clothes in Brno. We offer repairs of fabric and leather clothing. Replacing the zipper on clothes, shortening trousers, patch holes and other repairs.

Company: Michaela Jeklová - Krejčovství
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Rep tape 15 mm, col 1

Nov 13, 2015  Rep tape 15 mm, col 1

Price for the package The package includes a 27.4 m. Offer applies to color 1 and ribbons with a width of 15 mm is also found in other colors and sizes.
Import China.

Company: "Tasiemka" Hanna Wiśniowska
Country: pl Poland More...
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Feb 12, 2016  Bias

Piping is an integral part of any outfit. Its unique and gives it a unique style. Products satin stitched seamlessly you can not use a cutting sutures oblique. In tasiemkach cotton problem of their rolling up during the sewing solved by careful rozprasowaniu stitches.

Laminar flow cabinet FBB120

Jul 30, 2016  Laminar flow cabinet FBB120

Laminar flow cabinet with vertical laminar airflow for product protection. Czech production (EU).
- fully automated operation controlled by micro-processor unit, securing optimum parameters of laminar air flow in the working area of the cabinet
- large working space
- high reliability
- easy to clean
- ability to integrate your technology (LCD, electro, microscopes, holders, cameras, etc.)

Company: LABOX spol.s r.o.
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Tranformer substation EH8D.1

Jun 8, 2016  Tranformer substation EH8D.1

Typ: EH D.1 400kVA.
Low-double,compact,semi-buriet tramsformer substation
serviceable from the exterior. Reinforcet concrete body shell.

Company: ELEKTRO - HARAMIA s.r.o.
Country: sk Slovak Republic More...
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Traditional Tuscan terracotta

Aug 10, 2016  Traditional Tuscan terracotta

We offer a high-quality terracotta tiles in several finishes. This excellent natural tiles keep the best qualities of traditional terracotta as frost resistance and hardness, and enhance its appearance and flavor to be suitable for advanced applications. Terracotta is a good heat conductor, as well as a good insulator and humidity controller. It is available in several square and rectangular sizes, suitable for interior and exterior.

Company: Pitoreska
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Jul 5, 2016  Filters WIX FILTERS

As a distributor of filters WIX FILTERS we can offer a very wide choice of filters for American automobiles, construction and agricultural machinery, industrial compressors and compressors. WIX FILTERS is one of the market leaders of the filter in the world offering air filters, oil, fuel, cabin, hydraulic and automatic transmissions. Wide range and product availability allows us to meet the requirements of our customers.

Company: MOTOFAN Dariusz Michalski
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Inductive sensors KOTLÍN

Aug 10, 2016  Inductive sensors KOTLÍN

We supply complex deliveries of a wide range of inductive sensors, magnetic, magnetic-inductive, optical, capacitive. We manufacture inductive sensors with time adjustable output – the Time inductive sensors. We have developed a system of addressable sensors linked to a central control unit with communication capability with PC and others.

Company: KOTLÍN senzory, s.r.o.
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Translation of Technical Drawing

Aug 16, 2016  Translation of Technical Drawing

We provide translations of technical drawing and technical documentation from/to 40 world languages in language pair with Slovak, Czech, English, German, French and Spanish. We work directly with DWG files in AutoCAD and also we are able to process PDF files.

Company: Specta, s.r.o.
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Software NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop

May 26, 2016  Software NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop

PowerForms Desktop is software from NiceLabel, which lets you create flawless and reliable applications for barcode printing without any programming. Minimizes manual data entry, eliminating human errors, increases efficiency and also improve processes in companies. In case that the printer is out of operation, and disables printing prevent printing errors and duplicate serial numbers, the touch screen additionally facilitate ease of use and increased productivity. Contact the sales department.

Company: DATASCAN, s.r.o.
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Fire extinguishers CO2

Aug 21, 2016  Fire extinguishers CO2

Fire extinguishers CO2 are used in industry, it is suitable for extinguishing laboratory equipment , electrical appliances and various substations. When extinguishing the remnants remain extinguishing agent is ideal for fire extinguishers precision mechanics, electric motors and their ancillary equipment, such as starters, carburetors, electric switches, PC etc. Another advantage is its low price extinguishing. Firefighting can be interrupted at any time. Life of the extinguisher is 40 years.

Company: PRHAS s.r.o.
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Retractable Towing Hitch Ball for Hyunda

Aug 16, 2016  Retractable Towing Hitch Ball for Hyunda

We offer the retractable tow hitch ball for Hyundai i40 and ix35 vehicles. It is the 2015 INNOVATION OF THE YEAR and a successful competitor to the current offer in the market. The leading benefits are one half of the price and lower weight. The device has a stylish look in the car and handles very easily. Feel free to call us for details!

Company: VAPOS spol. s r.o.
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Jul 1, 2016  REMS CamSys

Electronic camera inspection system.Ultra light, handy camera inspection system for inexpensive inspection and damage analysis of pipes, drains, chimneys and other hollow cavities.With electronic metering. Also for inspection after pipe cleaning work and for acceptance of new installations or repairs. Documentations of pictures and videos on SD card. For battery and mains operation. Li-Ion technology.
For pipes Ø (40) 50 – 150 mm.Drains, chimneys, other hollow cavities.SD card slot.

Company: REMS Česká republika s.r.o.
Country: cz Czech Republic More...