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Turnstile double full-pass

Jun 30, 2022  Turnstile double full-pass

Double TPP06D full-turn turnstile is permeable in both directions. Permeability up to 60 persons per minute. It is also possible to have a stainless steel design or version made of galvanized sheet metal.

- Modern attractive design
- Two-way passage
- 60 persons/min.
- voltage supply

Company: ELVIS
Country: cz Czech Republic More...
Tripod turnstile TTB07

Jun 15, 2022  Tripod turnstile TTB07

The modern, stainless steel turnstile is a modern design. Also suitable for outdoor use.
Various turnstile equipment:
* Non-contact RFID readers
* Barcode reader
* Paddle arms
* ID card reader embedded in the turnstile leg
* Direction indicators of passage

Company: ELVIS
Country: cz Czech Republic More...