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Translations for agricultural machinery

Dec 2, 2016  Translations for agricultural machinery

We offer translation for your technical documentation of your range of agricultural machinery (tractors, seeders, harvesters, towed implements, plows, mower, etc..). We provide translation of 40 world languages from/into Slovak, Czech, English, German, French and Spanish for reasonable prices. We guarantee consistency of terminology throughout the translation of your documents. We also provide graphic works and process a complete layout of your translated document.

Company: Specta, s.r.o.
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Oct 10, 2016  REMS Puma VE

Powerful, electric tool for universal free hand sawing. Only 3.8 kg. Ideal for assembly, disassembly, repair. For many materials like wood, wood with nails, pallets, metal, also stainless steel, cast, breeze blocks, pumice, brick, fibre cement, glass fibre-reinforced plastic, carbon fibre-reinforced plastic. For rescue and emergency operations. Also for plunge-cut sawing.

Quick saw blade change without tools. Adjustable support shoe.

Company: REMS Česká republika s.r.o.
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Sensors Kotlín

Nov 16, 2016  Sensors Kotlín

We supply complex deliveries of a wide range of inductive sensors, magnetic, magnetic-inductive, optical, capacitive. We manufacture inductive sensors with time adjustable output – the Time inductive sensors. We have developed a system of addressable sensors linked to a central control unit with communication capability with PC and others.

Company: KOTLÍN senzory, s.r.o.
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Feb 12, 2016  Bias

Piping is an integral part of any outfit. Its unique and gives it a unique style. Products satin stitched seamlessly you can not use a cutting sutures oblique. In tasiemkach cotton problem of their rolling up during the sewing solved by careful rozprasowaniu stitches.

Tranformer substation EH8D.1

Sep 10, 2016  Tranformer substation EH8D.1

Typ: EH D.1 400kVA.
Low-double,compact,semi-buriet tramsformer substation
serviceable from the exterior. Reinforcet concrete body shell.

Company: ELEKTRO - HARAMIA s.r.o.
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Fire extinguishers and hydrant systems

Dec 2, 2016  Fire extinguishers and hydrant systems

We sell and branded service of fire extinguishers and hydrant systems approved for use in the Czech Republic. We provide delivery, inspection and repair fire extinguishers and water pressure also we do testing of fire hoses.

Company: PRHAS s.r.o.
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dark green feathers 15g Code 2121

Nov 18, 2016  dark green feathers 15g Code 2121

Price per pack of feathers play in the color dark green packaging 15 g extensive use of good quality also available in other colors

Company: "Tasiemka" Hanna Wiśniowska
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Cement tiles

Nov 21, 2016  Cement tiles

Introducing traditional cement tiles, manually produced by experienced craftsmen, the highest quality available on the market. Clean, lively and elegant surface pleasant to walk. Resistant and durable material gains very nice patina during the years. The tiles are produced in all traditional sizes and formats - square, hexagonal, octagonal, plinths, etc. Available more than 1,200 patterns, each of them can be customized to the specific project.

Company: Pitoreska
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Retractable Towing Hitch Ball Škoda

Nov 19, 2016  Retractable Towing Hitch Ball Škoda

This is THE novelty in the market! Retractable towing hitch ball, made in the Czech Republic, for Škoda Superb and Škoda Superb combi cars. Unlike the current offer in the market, this product comes at half the price and 30% lower weight. With optional surface treatment as required by the customer, it adds to the stylish look of the car. The device is fitted into the car permanently and takes only 2 seconds to deploy. This is a high-quality product with a long life expectancy. Give us a call!

Company: VAPOS spol. s r.o.
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Children's furniture

Nov 29, 2016  Children's furniture

Our company sells children's furniture. They are made of high quality material resistant to damage. We enjoy great popularity among customers in the Polish market, as well as foreign.

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Jul 5, 2016  Filters WIX FILTERS

As a distributor of filters WIX FILTERS we can offer a very wide choice of filters for American automobiles, construction and agricultural machinery, industrial compressors and compressors. WIX FILTERS is one of the market leaders of the filter in the world offering air filters, oil, fuel, cabin, hydraulic and automatic transmissions. Wide range and product availability allows us to meet the requirements of our customers.

Company: MOTOFAN Dariusz Michalski
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Plastic Card for printers Zebra

Aug 2, 2016  Plastic Card for printers Zebra

Quality plastic cards for card printers from Zebra to ensure perfect print and sharp graphics, which is important for accurate color and perfectly readable barcodes. Zebra guarantees that the card conforms with international ISO standards, dust-free, and have smooth edges. For applications with higher security, we offer plastic cards Zebra-resistant and tamper with safety features. With your specific requirements please contact our sales department.

Company: DATASCAN, s.r.o.
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