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Rental of gastro equipment

May 6, 2018  Rental of gastro equipment

We provide complete gastro equipment for rent for catering companies, for fairs and expos and social events. Buffet tables and chairs with a cover possibility, lighting, table equipment, etc.

More information on our website.

Company: NFCP rental equipment s.r.o.
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Cakes - poppy, curd, marmalade

Oct 10, 2017  Cakes - poppy, curd, marmalade

Cakes like from your grandmother! This is how our coworkers often define our cakes. To the tables of gastronomical establishments and hotels we produce poppy, curd and marmalade cakes decorated with grated almonds. Whether it is wedding, banquet, or just ordinary for joy and pleasant start of the day, contact us, we will be glad to give you the right treat to your tables. Our cakes will make your customers come back.

Company: Letňanské pekařství Oheim
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Production  of pallet counters and bars

Apr 11, 2018  Production of pallet counters and bars

Production of pallet counters, bars, chairs, shelves and much more on bespoke.

Company: Nábytek z palet
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Hydrant system K-L 25

May 2, 2018  Hydrant system K-L 25

We supply hydrant systems for fire protection. The hydrant system cabinets are made of high-quality powder-coated steel sheet in white or red finish. Part of the hydrant system is a 30-meter-long Pyrolex shaped hose. The hydrant system is equipped with a sealing combined stream and the possibility of setting a full or conical current. For more information, please visit our website.

Company: PRHAS s.r.o.
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Atypical Fences and Fences on Bespoke

May 2, 2018  Atypical Fences and Fences on Bespoke

Are you not happy with our fences offer and you have some more specific idea? Do not hesitate to contact us, we also produce atypical fence columns and fence frames on bespoke. We will be happy to implement your fence according to your requirements. The price calculation will be done for free and the delivery and service are also provided.

Company: ADH-PLOTY s.r.o.
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Stainless steel bathroom towel-heater

May 11, 2018  Stainless steel bathroom towel-heater

We produce stainless steel radiators 14 years for the European market. We are looking for new business partners. Please contact us by e-mail.
Thank you.

Company: Koupelnové žebříky
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Crane scale

May 2, 2018  Crane scale

We provide production and delivery of crane scales with load capacity up to 500 kg. Crane scales are needed everywhere where weights are bound in the dream. In service, crane scales can last up to 30 hours. The crane scales are equipped with a red LED display, economy mode, a lower swing hook and a top carabiner. Complete information is on our website.

Company: LESAK s.r.o. - Váhy a vážicí systémy
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Quality rice-cookers

May 2, 2018  Quality rice-cookers

We provide quality rice-cookers for the perfect rice preparation. The rice-cookers are made in Germany according to Thai format and we provide 2 years guaranty. Thanks to the special mode they keep the rice warm for a long time.

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Original present for birthday

Jan 3, 2018  Original present for birthday

Looking for an original birthday present for your loved ones? Give a luxurious bottle with an original perfume design for both women and men. In case you do not know the selection tips, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you.

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Wrinkle-free bending

Mar 29, 2018  Wrinkle-free bending

REMS Curvo- electric pipe and tube bender. Universal for many pipes and tubes. Compack,handy electric tool with integral absorbtion of torque during bending. Super light, drive unit only 8kg. Can be used anywhere, anytime. No setting. Simple, effortesse, fast working, e.g.90bends &216;22mm in only 6 s. Fast and creep speed operation for precise bending. Crossover, swan-neck, U-bends possible. Height adjustable machine support as accessory.

Company: REMS Česká republika s.r.o.
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Tranformer substation TS EH6

Mar 6, 2018  Tranformer substation TS EH6

Typ: TS EH6
Smaller outdoor transformer substation-serviceable from
the interior. Reinforced concrete body shell.

Company: ELEKTRO - HARAMIA s.r.o.
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Clean rooms turn-key

Jun 28, 2017  Clean rooms turn-key

Design and supply of clean rooms turn-key system (design - realization - qualification - maintenance)
- cytostatic agents preparation workplace
- production and processing of radiopharmaceuticals
- surgeries
- microbiological / virological laboratories
- operational, research, manufacturing and inspection spaces
- spaces with high requirements on cleanliness (dustiness), temperature or humidity
For more information, please contact us.

Company: LABOX spol.s r.o.
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Chain slings

Apr 16, 2018  Chain slings

Chain slings class 8, class 10 and class 12, stainless steel chains, forestry chains, chains for container loaders. Chain slings companies WALTERMANN Hubert, Pewag, Thiele. Atypical supply chain slings - enlarged eye and so on. Chain slings assemble in Ostrava. Large stocks enable us to deliver and atypical chain tethers at very short notice. For more information and technical specifications, please visit our website!

Company: PAVLÍNEK s.r.o.
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Rubberized rollers

May 22, 2018  Rubberized rollers

Our company provides rubberizing of technical rollers, rolls, wheels and pulleys by various types of rubber, including light rubber that leaves no traces or food rubber.
Rubberizing of rollers proceeds without the need to mold, the rubber surface of the rollers is grinded.
According to your requirements it is possible to produce a whole new rollers as well as their rubberizing.

Bercode Scanner Datalogic Heron HD3100

Jan 30, 2018  Bercode Scanner Datalogic Heron HD3100

Heron HD3100 is a modern linear barcode reader from Datalogic, which, together with advanced technology brings the point of sale and a unique style. It offers several ways to integrate themselves brand identity firms, since it allows you to compose the perfect combination of logos and color of the top cover (carbon or silver design) together with the corrected visual and audio elements. Patented Technology Green Spot visually confirms a good read the barcode. Contact the sales department.

Company: DATASCAN, s.r.o.
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