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Rental of gastro equipment

Nov 17, 2018  Rental of gastro equipment

We provide complete gastro equipment for rent for catering companies, for fairs and expos and social events. Buffet tables and chairs with a cover possibility, lighting, table equipment, etc.

More information on our website.

Company: NFCP rental equipment s.r.o.
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Tours with and without a Guide

Nov 26, 2018  Tours with and without a Guide

We provide tours with and without professional guides. Our goal is not only to offer quality and safe transfer services, but also a complex experience without any unnecessary stress. Are you dreaming of travelling through the Czech Republic with your family, business partners or an important customer? In that case contact us, we will be happy to help you. Our cars are equipped with mineral water free of charge, and if requested with snacks and newspapers. For more information get in touch!

Company: Limousine Czech Republic
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Technical translation from English

Apr 17, 2018  Technical translation from English

We translate texts from a wide range of technical disciplines.

Types of technical documents:
User manuals and guides
Service manuals
Product cards and descriptions
Training documentation
Project documentation
Vehicle manuals
Service manuals
Vehicle and machinery specifications
Marketing documentation
Software (UI, tutorials and help documentation)
Hardware (specifications and user manuals)
Personal electronics (UI and manuals)

Company: Specta, s.r.o.
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Forms and Tools Deliveries

Nov 26, 2018  Forms and Tools Deliveries

We are experts in the field of plastic and rubber pressing. Our goal is a high quality product and of course a satisfied customer. One of our activities is securing of quality forms and tools. We do not own our won tools production, but we cooperate with reliable suppliers, hence you can be sure that the manufactured tools and forms are of the highest quality. For more information please get in touch with us, we will be happy to agree on the following process with you.

Company: HEVEA Vyšehořovice, a.s.
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Analytical scales

Nov 26, 2018  Analytical scales

We offer analytical scales for control weighing and research purposes in laboratories. Analytical scales with external calibration provide many functions: limit weighing, weight accumulation, piece counting, weighing of animals, dynamic weighing, density determination, overhead weighing, etc. Analytical weights are delivered in various versions, according to their load capacity. For more information visit our website.

Company: LESAK s.r.o. - Váhy a vážicí systémy
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Quality legumes

Nov 27, 2018  Quality legumes

We provide sales of quality legumes, which are convenient for Asian dishes preparation. We offer few types of lentils, chickpea, three-colored quinoa, pealed and unpeald mungo beans, conservated hummus and more. All is available in our e-shop or Prague shop.

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Clothing Repairs in Frydek Mistek

Oct 7, 2018  Clothing Repairs in Frydek Mistek

Clothing repairs in Frydek Mistek. The tailoring provides repairs of both leather and textile clothing.

Company: Michaela Jeklová - Krejčovství
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Carbon monoxide detector

Nov 30, 2018  Carbon monoxide detector

Proven autonomous carbon monoxide detector, equipped with a high-quality electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor, which highlights the dangerous CO level. In this case, it emits a siren alarm and the red indicator flashes. More information and a wider offer can be found in our e-shop.

Company: PRHAS s.r.o.
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REMS EMSG 160 – automatic welding

Oct 26, 2018  REMS EMSG 160 – automatic welding

Powerful, handy unit for welding plastic drain pipes with electric sleeves in PE. Electronic control. Acoustic and visual monitoring of welding process. Smallest sizes. Super-handy, light, only 0.7 kg. With micro controller for automatic adjustment of welding current (welding temperature) and welding time according to sleeve size. Acoustic and visual monitoring of welding process. Wide work radius through extra-long cables. Sturdy, shock-proof plastic casing with carrying strap. Splash-proof.

Company: REMS Česká republika s.r.o.
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High-Volume Portable Label Printer

Aug 21, 2018  High-Volume Portable Label Printer

Daramax LP3 is a direct thermal portable label printer that delivers great paper capacity, long battery life and a range of wireless connectivity options. The LP3 label printer offers almost twice the media capacity and twice the power capacity when compared to other barcode printers on the market. And with its fast and easy side-loading design, this means fewer interruptions and increased productivity on the floor. The ergonomic shape allows the printer easy and convenient transfer.

Company: DATASCAN, s.r.o.
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Interior Metal Accessories

Nov 26, 2018  Interior Metal Accessories

We are professionals in the field of metal-working and locksmithing. We are fully aware of not only the practical side of metal, but also of its atypical beauty. Metal's potention lies in its elegance and originality and its abilities that are required from interior accessories. In case you are interested in evergreen metal interior accessories please contact us, and we will be happy to present you with all options.

Company: JS-kovolak s.r.o.
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Modular conveyors

Nov 27, 2018  Modular conveyors

We provide production and sale of quality modular conveyors with increased resistance to mechanical damage and elevated temperatures. We produce modular conveyors tailored to your production program. We also make modular conveyors with stairs or curves. You can choose from various materials for modular belts. On our website you will find complete information on the construction of modular conveyors directly to your requirements.

Company: MARTING, s.r.o.
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Turnkey Basis Fences

Nov 7, 2018  Turnkey Basis Fences

We deliver fences and fencing on turnkey basis. We will be happy to advice you on the most suitable fencing, we will make a free price calculation, we will delivere everything to your place, professionaly implement and provide warranty and post-warranty service. Unbroken fence can be also switched for another one within 14 days.

Company: ADH-PLOTY s.r.o.
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Quality accommodation in Prague 1

Feb 22, 2018  Quality accommodation in Prague 1

If you are looking for quality accommodation in the center of Prague 1, then you are at the right address. Centrum Apartments Pštrossova offers modern, bright rooms in an attractive location of romantic Prague. Many domestic and foreign guests have enjoyed quality accommodation in Prague for pleasant prices. We believe that you too will be pleasantly surprised and will be happy to return. We are looking forward to your visit.

Company: Centrum Apartments Pštrossova
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Clean rooms turn-key

Jul 1, 2018  Clean rooms turn-key

Design and supply of clean rooms turn-key system (design - realization - qualification - maintenance)
- cytostatic agents preparation workplace
- production and processing of radiopharmaceuticals
- surgeries
- microbiological / virological laboratories
- operational, research, manufacturing and inspection spaces
- spaces with high requirements on cleanliness (dustiness), temperature or humidity
For more information, please contact us.

Company: LABOX spol.s r.o.
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