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Production and tech. support of events

Sep 11, 2017  Production and tech. support of events

For your social and musical events we will provide professional production and technical support. According to the needs of your event we will provide location, program, technical, safety and other security, marketing, advertisment and of course professional personnel, who will ensure smooth realization of your event. We are engaged in production and technological support of various events for many years and always with amazing results. Get in touch!

Company: ZL Production s.r.o.
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Validation of thermal processes

Aug 24, 2017  Validation of thermal processes

Validation of steam and hot air sterilizers, freezers, thermostats, CO2 incubators, refrigerators, cold storage chamber, drying, etc according to EN, ISO, GMP. The temperature map, stability studies, the penetration of heat into the material, media, etc.
- sterilizers
- fridge
- freezers
- thermostats
- incubators (including CO2)
- centrifuges
Accredited testing laboratory according to EN ISO/IEC 17025
Worldwide recognition of results is guaranteed (member ILEC).

Company: LABOX spol.s r.o.
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Smoke detectors Siterwell GS 508

Aug 30, 2017  Smoke detectors Siterwell GS 508

Siterwell GS 508 smoke detectors are equipped with photoelectric technology to reliably detect slow smoldering fires that produce dense black smoke that seriously damages health.

For this reason, smoke detectors should be installed in each room. In the case of smoke detection, the device emits a beep.

For more information visit our website.

Company: PRHAS s.r.o.
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Repair of clothing in Brno

Jul 16, 2017  Repair of clothing in Brno

Repair of clothing in Brno. I offer clothing repairs, for example: zip replacement, shortening trousers, holes.

Company: Michaela Jeklová - Krejčovství
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Textile lashings OVA-SLING - bargain

Jun 29, 2017  Textile lashings OVA-SLING - bargain

We offer high quality textile straps and belts brand OVASLING. They have very good price-quality-parameters. They are made of 100% polyester, according to EN 1492 with color design according to DIN 61360th Safety factor is 1:7. Straps (crane loops) offer capacity from 1 ton up to 100 tons capacity. Belts, as infinite, as is sewn or metal mesh in a standard version with capacity up to 20 tons.

Company: PAVLÍNEK s.r.o.
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Translations for agricultural machinery

Mar 19, 2017  Translations for agricultural machinery

We offer translation for your technical documentation of your range of agricultural machinery (tractors, seeders, harvesters, towed implements, plows, mower, etc..). We provide translation of 40 world languages from/into Slovak, Czech, English, German, French and Spanish for reasonable prices. We guarantee consistency of terminology throughout the translation of your documents. We also provide graphic works and process a complete layout of your translated document.

Company: Specta, s.r.o.
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News - REMS Mini-Press 22 V ACC Li-Ion

Jul 22, 2017  News - REMS Mini-Press 22 V ACC Li-Ion

Cordless radial press with forced return. Universal, super handy electric tool with forced return for making press joints for all common pressfitting systems.
Li-Ion 22 V Technology. Press joints Ø 10 – 40 mm, Ø ⅜ – 1 ¼"
Super light, super small, super handy, ultra fast. Pressing in less than 4 s.
Automatic sequence of the pressing process. Automatic locking of the pressing tongs.Li-Ion 22 V Technology Assortment of REMS pressing tongs Mini for all common pressfitting systems.

Company: REMS Česká republika s.r.o.
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Tranformer substation TS atyp

May 7, 2017  Tranformer substation TS atyp

Typ: TS ATYP 4x1250kVA.
A transformer substation composed of two and more EH1 units.A larger size application designet to accommodate three transformers and an extended version of the HV switchgear tagether with RC switchgear of USM.Combined packages are convenient whwrwver the situation requires accommodating technology of a larger size application or for larger HV switch houses.

Company: ELEKTRO - HARAMIA s.r.o.
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We supply sheet metal products

Aug 8, 2017  We supply sheet metal products

We offer professional products from sheet steel. We keep in stock some 150 tons of plates of various types and qualities, we are able to respond immediately to your commands. Our company is equipped with modern technologies CNC dividing laser center TruLaser 3030 (L20) 5000W, CNC machines for bending, CNC punching and forming sheets TruPunch 5000, stamping and welding threaded bolts. We supply products at low prices, including welding and surface treatment. Experience in the market since 1992.

Company: KOVOMONT ZRUČ s.r.o.
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Rubberized rollers

Sep 4, 2017  Rubberized rollers

Our company provides rubberizing of technical rollers, rolls, wheels and pulleys by various types of rubber, including light rubber that leaves no traces or food rubber.
Rubberizing of rollers proceeds without the need to mold, the rubber surface of the rollers is grinded.
According to your requirements it is possible to produce a whole new rollers as well as their rubberizing.

Software NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop

Jun 15, 2017  Software NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop

PowerForms Desktop is software from NiceLabel, which lets you create flawless and reliable applications for barcode printing without any programming. Minimizes manual data entry, eliminating human errors, increases efficiency and also improve processes in companies. In case that the printer is out of operation, and disables printing prevent printing errors and duplicate serial numbers, the touch screen additionally facilitate ease of use and increased productivity. Contact the sales department.

Company: DATASCAN, s.r.o.
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