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Property Fencing Vysocina

Nov 19, 2019  Property Fencing Vysocina

We are specialists in the field of fences and fencing and we offer fencing of your property. We deliver fences and meshes for all purpouses - we will fence your tennis court, house, garden, company, park and forrest garden and much more, with the most suitable mesh.
We offer typical square mesh, elegant welded fence pannels, robust and decorative concrete fencing and more.
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Company: ADH-PLOTY s.r.o.
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Sales promotion, labels presentation

Nov 18, 2019  Sales promotion, labels presentation

We create successful projects, sales promotions and brand presentations. We create a perfect advertising concept, enter with original ideas, functional technical and organizational solutions that we can transform into a perfect original and powerful reality. From concepts and visions, sales promotion, brand presentations, etc., under the baton of our professionals, become original complete stories that have the potential, sense and will become memorable.

Company: ZL Production s.r.o.
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Autonomous fire detectors

Nov 9, 2019  Autonomous fire detectors

We provide the sale of autonomous fire detectors that reliably detect a fire and trigger an alarm by sound signaling. Autonomous fire detectors are among the economical, unpretentious fire protection solutions, and also feature simple and fast installation. The autonomous fire detectors are powered by batteries only, they do not need other power sources. For more information, please visit our website.

Company: PRHAS s.r.o.
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Rental of gastro equipment

Nov 3, 2019  Rental of gastro equipment

We provide complete gastro equipment for rent for catering companies, for fairs and expos and social events. Buffet tables and chairs with a cover possibility, lighting, table equipment, etc.

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Company: NFCP rental equipment s.r.o.
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Clamp finger 338 4022 E1

Nov 22, 2019  Clamp finger 338 4022 E1

Clamping fingers for turning cam machines A32 C, A40 C, D A40, A50C. We also offer spare parts for turning cam machines - manufacturer MAS Kovosvit.

Quality accommodation in Prague 1

Feb 23, 2019  Quality accommodation in Prague 1

If you are looking for quality accommodation in the center of Prague 1, then you are at the right address. Centrum Apartments Pštrossova offers modern, bright rooms in an attractive location of romantic Prague. Many domestic and foreign guests have enjoyed quality accommodation in Prague for pleasant prices. We believe that you too will be pleasantly surprised and will be happy to return. We are looking forward to your visit.

Company: Centrum Apartments Pštrossova
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REMS Unimat - Threading machine.

Nov 3, 2019  REMS Unimat - Threading machine.

REMS Unimat 75 - Semi-automatic high-performace machine for efficient cutting of bolt and pipe threads. For industry, metalworking, installation. High efficiency. Tangential-chaser-threading-system. Large threading range. Fast working, short resetting time. For single and series production. Low hourly rate for the machine. Simple operation. Relieves expensive turning machines and specialists.

Company: REMS Česká republika s.r.o.
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Baby scale

Nov 16, 2019  Baby scale

We offer baby scales with meters. Baby scale has very stable construction for safe babies weighinh and provides fast stability of gauged numer on the display. Operation of baby scales can be ensured by net source or by batery. We provide baby scales into ordinations, medical establishments or maternity hospitals. Complete information can be found on our website.

Company: LESAK s.r.o. - Váhy a vážicí systémy
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Sorting equipment

Nov 16, 2019  Sorting equipment

We are engaged in the production and sale of sorting equipment and dampers. We offer sorting flaps, linear, carousel, rotary and level separators. We sort the sorting device according to your chosen parameters for sorting parts, parts and products into transport packages. We provide sorting devices either with our control or with a connection to the machine or line control.

Company: MARTING, s.r.o.
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Distance Sensors Datalogic S65-M

Aug 3, 2019  Distance Sensors Datalogic S65-M

Datalogic S65-M long-range proximity sensors are based on Light Time Flight technology. These sensors can easily detect objects from up to 5 m away which makes them ideal for accurate and reliable detection applications. Innovative Chip technology and risk-free infrared LEDs bring advantages over laser sensors. Deployment of the sensor is easy and quick with the built-in green LED indicator, the user interface is both simple and intuitive. For more information, contact our sales department.

Company: DATASCAN, s.r.o.
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