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Plastic Pressed Goods

Sep 27, 2018  Plastic Pressed Goods

We are engaged in the production of plastic pressed goods for many years now. We had knotted our production to the many years of experience in the tradtition of gum manufacture in Sestajovice and production of plastic fabrics in Vysehorovice. The result is a high quality of manufacture services, thanks to real field professionals. Contact us for more information, we will be happy to help you, and adjust to your need and requirements. We are a reliable partner.

Company: HEVEA Vyšehořovice, a.s.
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Industrial conveyors

Sep 27, 2018  Industrial conveyors

We are engaged in the production of quality industrial conveyors for production assembly lines. We supply standard, sloping, angled, roller, modular, chain and belt conveyor. Our manufactured industrial conveyors are manufactured on the basis of proper certification and also according to your production process requirements. We also offer industrial conveyors in atypical shapes, curved or flat.

Company: MARTING, s.r.o.
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Translations of User Manuals

Dec 8, 2017  Translations of User Manuals

For reasonable prices we provide translations of user manuals of your products from / into 40 world languages​​.
We also provide translations of English, German, French and Spanish language in combination with the other world languages. Contact us and we will happy to prepare a quote for your document.

Company: Specta, s.r.o.
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Japanese rice

Sep 27, 2018  Japanese rice

We provide import and sales of Japanese rice, which is convenient for preparation of Japanese dishes, sushi or as a part of diet - we can recommend Shiratake rice, which is withou calories and is gluten-free. In our offer you can also find basmati rice, black and red rice, sticky and jasmine rice or rice paper. Do not hesitate to visit or contact us.

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Platform scales

Sep 27, 2018  Platform scales

We are dedicated to the sale of platform scales with weighing indicator. Platform scales are appropriate for the receipt or expedition of goods or checkweighing warehouse. Platform scales are equipped with stainless steel weighing plate with a capacity of up to 150 kg. Complete information can be found on our website.

Company: LESAK s.r.o. - Váhy a vážicí systémy
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Powder f. extinguisher + smoke detector

Sep 28, 2018  Powder f. extinguisher + smoke detector

We offer a unique offer - powder fire extinguisher and smoke fire detector at an unbeatable price. The powder fire extinguisher can be used in all types of operations as well as in households. If the safety conditions are met, the extinguisher can also be used for live electrical equipment. A smoke fire detector is also included in the offer, which can alert you in time of a fire.

For more information, please visit our website.

Company: PRHAS s.r.o.
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Turnkey social and cultural events

Sep 28, 2018  Turnkey social and cultural events

We provide production, technical and marketing, social and cultural events of any scale. We will guarantee your event a smooth course in all directions, we will put not only years of experience, perfect full service, but also originality and the ability to realize it. Social and cultural events that are key to our production will become unforgettable not only by our customers, but also by your visitors. Contact us, we are very happy to introduce our services in detail.

Company: ZL Production s.r.o.
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Clothing Repairs in Frydek Mistek

Oct 7, 2018  Clothing Repairs in Frydek Mistek

Clothing repairs in Frydek Mistek. The tailoring provides repairs of both leather and textile clothing.

Company: Michaela Jeklová - Krejčovství
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REMS Unimat - Threading machine.

Aug 27, 2018  REMS Unimat - Threading machine.

REMS Unimat 75 - Semi-automatic high-performace machine for efficient cutting of bolt and pipe threads. For industry, metalworking, installation. High efficiency. Tangential-chaser-threading-system. Large threading range. Fast working, short resetting time. For single and series production. Low hourly rate for the machine. Simple operation. Relieves expensive turning machines and specialists.

Company: REMS Česká republika s.r.o.
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All-glass railings

Aug 25, 2018  All-glass railings

We produce all-glass railings for interiors and exteriors. We provide all-glass railings for staircases, terraces, balconies, French windows, etc. We provide custom-made production. All-glass handrails are not only a highly aesthetic element in the interior, but also highly functional and with a high quality material also safe. For more information visit our website.

Company: SAŠ GLASS s.r.o.
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Stationary Scanner Datalogic Matrix 410N

Jun 23, 2018  Stationary Scanner Datalogic Matrix 410N

Matrix 410N is flexible and easily configurable as either a single reader or in multiple arrangement, which is used to scan larger areas or if you need to scan a product of multiple pages. Also has functions for storing scanned images. It is able to store up to 3,000 images, converts the data to an external FTP client. Matrix 410N is due DL.CODE software very user friendly. For more information contact the Sales Department.

Company: DATASCAN, s.r.o.
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Rubberized rollers

Oct 15, 2018  Rubberized rollers

Our company provides rubberizing of technical rollers, rolls, wheels and pulleys by various types of rubber, including light rubber that leaves no traces or food rubber.
Rubberizing of rollers proceeds without the need to mold, the rubber surface of the rollers is grinded.
According to your requirements it is possible to produce a whole new rollers as well as their rubberizing.

Quality accommodation in Prague 1

Feb 22, 2018  Quality accommodation in Prague 1

If you are looking for quality accommodation in the center of Prague 1, then you are at the right address. Centrum Apartments Pštrossova offers modern, bright rooms in an attractive location of romantic Prague. Many domestic and foreign guests have enjoyed quality accommodation in Prague for pleasant prices. We believe that you too will be pleasantly surprised and will be happy to return. We are looking forward to your visit.

Company: Centrum Apartments Pštrossova
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Custom-made Garage Gates

Sep 27, 2018  Custom-made Garage Gates

We will produce garage gates exactly according to your needs and requirements. Section garage gates are a hot trend in garage solutions. As the name advices, it is a garage consisting of separate sections which are moving with a help of leading rails. Contact us, our technitians will be happy to come to your place, measure everything and give you an advice on the best solution. We are here for you!

Company: JS-kovolak s.r.o.
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Clean rooms turn-key

Jul 1, 2018  Clean rooms turn-key

Design and supply of clean rooms turn-key system (design - realization - qualification - maintenance)
- cytostatic agents preparation workplace
- production and processing of radiopharmaceuticals
- surgeries
- microbiological / virological laboratories
- operational, research, manufacturing and inspection spaces
- spaces with high requirements on cleanliness (dustiness), temperature or humidity
For more information, please contact us.

Company: LABOX spol.s r.o.
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