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Clean rooms turn-key

Jun 28, 2017  Clean rooms turn-key

Design and supply of clean rooms turn-key system (design - realization - qualification - maintenance)
- cytostatic agents preparation workplace
- production and processing of radiopharmaceuticals
- surgeries
- microbiological / virological laboratories
- operational, research, manufacturing and inspection spaces
- spaces with high requirements on cleanliness (dustiness), temperature or humidity
For more information, please contact us.

Company: LABOX spol.s r.o.
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Turnkey Basis Fences

May 19, 2018  Turnkey Basis Fences

We deliver fences and fencing on turnkey basis. We will be happy to advice you on the most suitable fencing, we will make a free price calculation, we will delivere everything to your place, professionaly implement and provide warranty and post-warranty service. Unbroken fence can be also switched for another one within 14 days.

Company: ADH-PLOTY s.r.o.
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Asian alcoholic beverages

Jun 2, 2018  Asian alcoholic beverages

We offer Asian alcoholic beverages, which are made according to the traditions. In our offer you can find Sake china and Shao-sing, wine made of litchi, cinnamon/ginseng/plum wine, IKI beer with green tea and more. Visit our Prague shop or our e-shop.

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Conveyor systems

Jun 2, 2018  Conveyor systems

We offer a range of quality conveyor systems for handling and moving light and heavy material. We focus on the production of conveyor systems of various kinds: belt, roller, modular, belt and chain conveyors. We manufacture conveyor systems exactly to your needs and we are able to produce conveyors in atypical shapes. We also provide heavy duty conveyors with conveyor belts specially designed to withstand mechanical damage.

Company: MARTING, s.r.o.
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All-glass railings

Apr 29, 2018  All-glass railings

We produce all-glass railings for interiors and exteriors. We provide all-glass railings for staircases, terraces, balconies, French windows, etc. We provide custom-made production. All-glass handrails are not only a highly aesthetic element in the interior, but also highly functional and with a high quality material also safe. For more information visit our website.

Company: SAŠ GLASS s.r.o.
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Sightseeing Tours in the Czech Republic

Jun 2, 2018  Sightseeing Tours in the Czech Republic

We provide reliable, quality and safe transfer services. One of the services we offer are sightseeing tours in the Czech Republic. Tour the Czech Republic safely, with professional driver, that speak fluently English and is well informed with the entire tour. According to your requests we can also provide professional guide; all our guides have licences that authorising them for the guiding services. For more detailed information please get in touch!

Company: Limousine Czech Republic
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Resin ribbon AXR 800

Mar 2, 2018  Resin ribbon AXR 800

AXR 800 is a high performance resin ribbon for Corner Edge and Near Edge printers, designed for the most demanding applications regarding resistance to mechanical aggressions and/or temperature and/or solvents. It is fully compatible with the label materials dedicated to the same high performance applications. In addition to its abrasion resistance, the AXR 800 offers durability in the presence of solvents for labels and flexible packaging.

Company: DATASCAN, s.r.o.
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Cakes - poppy, curd, marmalade

Oct 10, 2017  Cakes - poppy, curd, marmalade

Cakes like from your grandmother! This is how our coworkers often define our cakes. To the tables of gastronomical establishments and hotels we produce poppy, curd and marmalade cakes decorated with grated almonds. Whether it is wedding, banquet, or just ordinary for joy and pleasant start of the day, contact us, we will be glad to give you the right treat to your tables. Our cakes will make your customers come back.

Company: Letňanské pekařství Oheim
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Plastic Processing

May 31, 2018  Plastic Processing

We are on a disposal of modern machines for plastic processing, many years of experience, amazing professionals and many positive references. In case you are interested in plastic parts production, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to give you closer information. We can agree on the form production, the spraying system, then on the price, piece amount and of course the dates. We are looking forward to you!

Company: HEVEA Vyšehořovice, a.s.
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Original present for birthday

Jan 3, 2018  Original present for birthday

Looking for an original birthday present for your loved ones? Give a luxurious bottle with an original perfume design for both women and men. In case you do not know the selection tips, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you.

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Furniture rental - Prague

May 19, 2018  Furniture rental - Prague

We are engaged in the rental of furniture for various social events, caterings, exhibitions, expos, etc. The rental includes eg. tables, chairs with a covers possibility, heaters, space dividers and much more. Visit our website and do not hesitate to get in touch.

Company: NFCP rental equipment s.r.o.
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Production  of pallet counters and bars

Apr 11, 2018  Production of pallet counters and bars

Production of pallet counters, bars, chairs, shelves and much more on bespoke.

Company: Nábytek z palet
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Storage Shelves Production

Jun 1, 2018  Storage Shelves Production

We are engaged in a storage shelves production. We produce the storage shelves on bespoke, which ensures that your storage shelves will be to maximum convenience to your space. We are also capable of producing atypical elements, hence your shelves will be of full functionality. A necessity for the storage sheleves is a proper surface treatment with powder painting which protects the goods from detrition. Contact us for more information, our emplyees will be happy to help you.

Company: JS-kovolak s.r.o.
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Industrial pallet scales

Jun 1, 2018  Industrial pallet scales

We offer industrial pallet scales for weighing bulky goods, raw materials, food, etc. Industrial pallet scales are available in different versions: a stable pallet scales and pallet trucks. With the industrial pallet scales we also provide indicators, which can be chosen by the customer according to his requirements. Industrial mallet scales can be delivered with a protocol for business weighing. For more information visit our website.

Company: LESAK s.r.o. - Váhy a vážicí systémy
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Chain slings

Apr 16, 2018  Chain slings

Chain slings class 8, class 10 and class 12, stainless steel chains, forestry chains, chains for container loaders. Chain slings companies WALTERMANN Hubert, Pewag, Thiele. Atypical supply chain slings - enlarged eye and so on. Chain slings assemble in Ostrava. Large stocks enable us to deliver and atypical chain tethers at very short notice. For more information and technical specifications, please visit our website!

Company: PAVLÍNEK s.r.o.
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