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Organisation of Cruises on Your Request

May 23, 2018  Organisation of Cruises on Your Request

Whether you want to take of to exotic destinations on a sea yacht or to get on a cruise on the Euopean rivers or channels on a houseboat, we are here for you. Give us your requirements and we will secure a cruise exactly according to you: from the suitable boat to a detailed itinerary of your journey. We are well aware that a goup of friends have different requirements than a couple or a family with children - and we ensure that you will be satisfied.

Company: Vltava Sailing - námořní jachting
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Information system of metrology

May 23, 2018  Information system of metrology

We offer comprehensive services in the field of metrology and quality management systems; for this reason, the offer and implementation of the information system must not be missed in our range of services. The QTREE-EM C/S metrology information system is part of the QTREE CAQ SYSTEMS product line and solves the gauge logging and calibration. For more information please contact us, our specialists will be glad to explain the implementation details. We are here for you!

Company: KSQ, spol. s r.o.
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Purchase of used wooden packaging

May 23, 2018  Purchase of used wooden packaging

Do you have in stock used wooden packaging that you will no longer need and do not know what to do with them? Do not despair! Contact us! We are selling new and used wooden packaging, and we are very happy to buy you. We are here for you at all times! We are a reliable partner in dealing with your needs and requirements. Do not hesitate and contact us, we will do our best to make you happy!

Company: Gammapal CZ s.r.o.
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Quality program for every event

May 23, 2018  Quality program for every event

We are an agency dedicated not only to showbusiness. We have been on the scene for years, and there is no un we can not do. We will provide you with a quality program for city festivities, weddings and business parties. We will find a band, a DJ, high-quality sound and lighting equipment, we will make your event successful. Contact us for more information, we will be glad to provide you with information about the activities we have already done. We look forward to you!

Clearance of premises and waste disposal

May 23, 2018  Clearance of premises and waste disposal

Part of our services is also the clearing of premises such as estate, cellars, garages, land, etc. We will not only clean the necessary areas, but also dispose the waste ecologically. Clearance of waste and disposal is a very popular service for our customers.

Company: Stěhujte s námi
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Advice and insurance mediation

May 23, 2018  Advice and insurance mediation

I deal with comprehensive financial advice, my services include both investment advice and advice and insurance mediation. I move in the financial market easily and with respect, but certainly and confidently. I closely follow all legislative changes, reflect every news from the world of finance, and I am able to offer all financial advisory services, including counseling and insurance intermediation, adequately and in good measure. Contact me!

Company: Finanční poradenství Praha
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Mortgage loans

May 23, 2018  Mortgage loans

Our non-bank service "Mortgage Loan" provides a non-bank loan secured by mortgage on the property. It is entirely up to you whether you decide to put a mortgage on a family house, apartment, chat or other object. We are happy to discuss with you the details, set the form of repayment, the payback period to your options and requirements, and other details. Contact us, we are very happy to match our services and your requirements for your full satisfaction. We look forward to you.

Company: Nebankovní dům
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Economic counseling

May 23, 2018  Economic counseling

We specialize in economic advice not only for start-ups, but for all who are in today's ever-changing legislation. We will be very pleased to advise you on economic issues in connection with the establishment of a company, a labor law relationship with the employee, help with state-defined deadlines of mandatory contributions, and make it easier to orientate yourself in ever-changing legislation. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

System of free receivables management

May 23, 2018  System of free receivables management

We provide free debt management for businesses and municipalities. The system includes a comprehensive set of receivables management, especially debit records and management, and a breakdown of contractual relationships. In addition, an audit or drafting of the model contractual documentation, including general business terms. This includes the setting up of a system for the recording of receivables and the entire recovery process, ie out-of-court, judicial and enforceable.

Company: PONTO GROUP s.r.o.
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Landscaping of gardens

May 23, 2018  Landscaping of gardens

We provide landscaping of gardens with high-quality garden mechanization. We can handle any terrain. We will align your site or create increments according to your requirements.

For more information visit our website.

Company: Royal Mayer
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Management of tax agenda Prague

May 23, 2018  Management of tax agenda Prague

We offer professional tax management for both natural and legal persons, payers and non-payers of VAT. We provide complete processing of the tax agenda as well as all types of tax returns. We will handle all communication with the authorities, and we will also monitor the due dates and submit tax returns.

For more information, please contact us.

Company: LR SERVIS Daňové poradenství
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Revision of industrial gas equipment

May 23, 2018  Revision of industrial gas equipment

We carry out inspections of gas equipment according to the design. No. 85/1978 Coll. Specifically, we specialize in industrial gas pipelines and thermal equipment. Not only will we professionally review the safe operation of industrial gas equipment but we will offer expert advice in the field and training followed by certification.

Company: IHAS s.r.o.
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Patents and utility models

May 23, 2018  Patents and utility models

We offer legal, advisory and consulting services in the field of patents and utility models. We provide representation in the national patent application, European patent, PCT International patent application, including complete assessment of patentability, processing of relevant documents, annotations, drawings, etc.

You can find a complete list of our services on our website.

Company: KOREJZOVA LEGAL v.o.s.
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Rental of bar and bistro tables

May 23, 2018  Rental of bar and bistro tables

We provide rental of tables, bistro tables, round tables, coffee tables, chairs, conferention chairs. We have round tables with a avarage 180, 150, 120 and 80 cm. Get in touch.

Company: NFCP rental equipment s.r.o.
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Translations of tender documentation

May 22, 2018  Translations of tender documentation

Do you want to participate in international tender?
Dozen pages in foreign language, short deadline? Contact the professionals! We provide translation of 40 world languages from/into Slovak, Czech, English, German, French and Spanish for reasonable prices. We translate technical documentation (user manuals and guides, service manuals, catalogues, etc.) for industry and health, as well as various legal, economic and marketing texts or web pages. We can handle all deadlines.

Company: Specta, s.r.o.
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