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REMS Unimat - Threading machine.

Nov 20, 2017  REMS Unimat - Threading machine.

REMS Unimat 75 - Semi-automatic high-performace machine for efficient cutting of bolt and pipe threads. For industry, metalworking, installation. High efficiency. Tangential-chaser-threading-system. Large threading range. Fast working, short resetting time. For single and series production. Low hourly rate for the machine. Simple operation. Relieves expensive turning machines and specialists.

Company: REMS Česká republika s.r.o.
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Sorting equipment

Nov 20, 2017  Sorting equipment

We are engaged in the production and sale of sorting equipment and dampers. We offer sorting flaps, linear, carousel, rotary and level separators. We sort the sorting device according to your chosen parameters for sorting parts, parts and products into transport packages. We provide sorting devices either with our control or with a connection to the machine or line control.

Company: MARTING, s.r.o.
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Passive braking systems KTR-STOP® NC

Nov 20, 2017  Passive braking systems KTR-STOP® NC

We are focusing on delivering top-of-the-range passive braking systems KTR-STOP® NC from the German manufacturer KTR with a long tradition in the field of couplings, brake and safety systems development and manufacturing. Passive KTR-STOP® NC brake systems are designed to effectively suppress the axial forces on the disc and damage it.
The KTR-STOP® NC braking systems excel in their multifunctional use. Not only in linear drives, but also in machine tools, hydraulic equipment, etc.

Company: KTR CR, spol. s r.o.
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Action welding sets

Nov 19, 2017  Action welding sets

We offer action welding sets from KOWAX®. The kit includes KOWAX® CARIMIG IQ 160W, CARIMIG 160 chassis, KOWAX G3Si1 0,8mm 5kg welding wire, KWX6 self-dimming hood, KOWAX mini GH-5000 CO2 reduction valve, KOWAX 400ml separating spray and also a burner.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service for our clients.

For more information, please visit our website.

Company: KOWAX
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Agriculture, forestry machines parts

Nov 19, 2017  Agriculture, forestry machines parts

We fabricate & assemble divers parts & components for agriculture & forestry machines. We manufacture customize covers, cabs, lining from GRP / FRP. We fabricate metal / steel parts, welded constructions for Harrows, Cultivators, Compactors, Rollers, Trailers. We assemble GRP parts with metal components - air grids/grilles, hinges, gas struts, locks, handles, grips. We use certified bonding process for components assembling - GRP & steel parts. Our products are ready for final assembling.

Company: SAVEA spol. s r.o.
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Reliable pressure hold

Nov 18, 2017  Reliable pressure hold

REMS E-Push- up to 60 bar!Elektric pressure testing pump.Robust,compakt,light.Wieghs only 13kg.Easy to carry.Self-sucking high power piston pump tunning in a sealed oil bath with wear reduced pressure piston in stainless steel.Proven,powerful capacitor motor,1750W, very powerful and fast.High pumping capacity of 7l/min. Pressure and tinghtness testing up to 60 bar/6 MPa/870 psi.Pressure gauge,dampet by lilling with glycerine.Suction hose with suction filter.

Company: REMS Česká republika s.r.o.
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Furnaces for ceramics firing

Nov 18, 2017  Furnaces for ceramics firing

We offer high quality furnaces for pottery firing, custom production, delivery time 1 month from order approval. Possibility of using in education, for leisure activities, for tradesmen, as well as for private profi - hobby.

Company: Petr Krejník
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Modular conveyors

Nov 18, 2017  Modular conveyors

We provide production and sale of quality modular conveyors with increased resistance to mechanical damage and elevated temperatures. We produce modular conveyors tailored to your production program. We also make modular conveyors with stairs or curves. You can choose from various materials for modular belts. On our website you will find complete information on the construction of modular conveyors directly to your requirements.

Company: MARTING, s.r.o.
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Brake spindle A16A

Nov 18, 2017  Brake spindle A16A

Apparatus for braking for single spindle automatic lathe turret A16A.

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Threading device A20B

Nov 18, 2017  Threading device A20B

We sell a device for tapping knife for single-spindle automatic lathe turret curve A16A, A20a, A20B. Older, already used.

REMS Krokodil 125

Nov 17, 2017  REMS Krokodil 125

Compact, handy electric tool for dry chasing and cutting of e.g. concrete, steel reinforced concrete, all types of masonry, natural stone. For trade and industry. Chasing depth ≤ 38 mm, chasing width ≤ 43 mm, 1 or 2 diamond cutting discs.
REMS universal diamond cutting discs, also suitable for machines of other makes.

Company: REMS Česká republika s.r.o.
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Spray guns for car painters

Nov 16, 2017  Spray guns for car painters

Wide range of tools and equipment for auto painters. We offer spray guns and accessories SATA (optional), then the spray guns from these manufacturers STAR, PROFESSIONAL, SPEEDWAY and others. We have something for every car painter or handyman. Our shop with specialized personnel in Brno and our website are available for you.

Company: Autolaky Hrubý s.r.o.
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Press waste containers

Nov 16, 2017  Press waste containers

We offer delivery of 10 and 20 m3 waste containers. Press waste containers are especially suitable for the processing and transport of large amounts of municipal waste, paper, plastics, foils, etc. We provide services in the field of collecting and removing of waste materials by pressing containers especially for customers operating in the industrial sector. For more information, please visit our website.

Company: Becker Bohemia s.r.o.
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Conveyor systems

Nov 16, 2017  Conveyor systems

We offer a range of quality conveyor systems for handling and moving light and heavy material. We focus on the production of conveyor systems of various kinds: belt, roller, modular, belt and chain conveyors. We manufacture conveyor systems exactly to your needs and we are able to produce conveyors in atypical shapes. We also provide heavy duty conveyors with conveyor belts specially designed to withstand mechanical damage.

Company: MARTING, s.r.o.
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K-Rain irrigation systems

Nov 14, 2017  K-Rain irrigation systems

Do you have a large private or commercial plot and you do not have enough time and labor to maintain? Then check out our website or contact us and think about investing in the K-Rain irrigation system. K-Rain irrigation systems not only regularly irrigate the whole plot on a regular basis, but you will save your investment not just water but also time. You will be rewarded with a beautifully green and lush garden. We are here for you!

Company: EXPLEO s.r.o.
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