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Shooting on moving and fixed targets

We will provide you with the ability to shoot on both moving and fixed targets. Do you want to become a hero of your favorite action movie and save helpless hostages, shoot the pheasant hunt, or just try to score the focus? With the projection laser shot it will not be a problem at all. We simulate the situation that you choose and then the shooting on a moving or fixed target will be up to you. So what do you think, would you do it?
Valid from: Sep 12, 2017
Validity till: Oct 3, 2017
Detailed information:
Shooting on moving and fixed targets

Marcel Žurovec

Phone Number: +420 732 253 545
Projekční laserová střelnice

Projekční laserová střelnice

(Business ID: 72972092)
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Mobile: +420 732 253 545
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Nádražní 2682/58
702 00 Ostrava

District: Ostrava-město
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