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Mobile laser shooting range

We will provide your social, cultural and family events with entertainment that will be remembered for a long time. We bring all mobile laser shooting equipment to your place of action and entertainment can begin. The Mobile Laser Range consists of a screen, a computer, a control unit with many simulations, and, of course, no weapons can be missed. We will be all set and then you can just have fun. Your friends, guests and business partners will be thrilled.
Valid from: Dec 8, 2017
Validity till: Dec 29, 2017
Detailed information:
Mobile laser shooting range

Marcel Žurovec

Phone Number: +420 732 253 545
Projekční laserová střelnice

Projekční laserová střelnice

(Business ID: 72972092)
Contact Details
Mobile: +420 732 253 545
Contact Address
Nádražní 2682/58
702 00 Ostrava

District: Ostrava-město
Region: Moravskoslezský
cz Czech Republic