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Zaplo loan

We offer great conditions for a short-term non-bank loan. The borrowed loan fulfills the requirements of clients to quickly execute a short-term non-bank loan. Contact us, we will be glad to offer you the best solution to your problems. We have been in the market for non-bank loans for a long time, and in this time we have been given the name of a solid partner who understands the needs of his client and always tries to find solutions in all circumstances. We are here for you.
Valid from: Apr 10, 2018
Validity till: May 1, 2018
Detailed information:
Zaplo loan

Jiří Pfleger

Phone Number: 604 313 083
Nebankovní dům

Nebankovní dům

(Business ID: 74592475)
Contact Details
Mobile: +420 773 214 121
Mobile: +420 604 313 083
Mobile: +420 731 580 532
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Contact Address
Školní 429/2A
747 05 Malé Hoštice

District: Opava
Region: Moravskoslezský
cz Czech Republic