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Revolving account

Our financial services of a non-banking nature offer to our clients also services of revolving character. The revolving account is a form of a short-term non-banking nature with the possibility of repeated drawing of the loan to the required and approved amount. We will be glad to help you solve your financial difficulties, please contact us with confidence and we will be glad to present you the form of loan, loan or other forms of payment so that your requirements will be fulfilled. Contact us!
Valid from: Apr 11, 2018
Validity till: May 2, 2018
Detailed information:
Revolving account

Jiří Pfleger

Phone Number: 604 313 083
Nebankovní dům

Nebankovní dům

(Business ID: 74592475)
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Mobile: +420 604 313 083
Mobile: +420 731 580 532
Mobile: +420 773 214 121
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Školní 429/2A
747 05 Malé Hoštice

District: Opava
Region: Moravskoslezský
cz Czech Republic