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Business loans

We offer a non-bank business loan. Business non-bank credit is tailored to the business interests of small and large business owners. This is a non-pledged loan, the only condition for self-employed applicants and legal entities, is proof of tax returns for the last two years. Then there is nothing to stop borrowing a loan for any company needs, whether you want to refurbish, expand your production or services, you definitely do not have to prove the reason for your loan application. Contact us!
Valid from: May 16, 2018
Validity till: Jun 6, 2018
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Business loans

Jiří Pfleger

Phone Number: 604 313 083
Nebankovní dům

Nebankovní dům

(Business ID: 74592475)
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Mobile: +420 773 214 121
Mobile: +420 604 313 083
Mobile: +420 731 580 532
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