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Chimney inspections with chimney camera

I have been a specialist in chimney work and I have been in the field for many years, creating a name for a quality professional that I can always rely on. My clients are always returning to me and my services are further recommended. Not only do I have years of experience and knowledge, but I also do not avoid new techniques and technologies. Chimney control chimney control is one of the many sub-activities I offer. Contact me for more information.
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David Mlčoch

Mobile: 604 306 078
David Mlčoch

David Mlčoch

(Business ID: 06468446)
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Mobile: +420 604 306 078
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Markova 2925/23
700 30 Ostrava - Zábřeh

District: Ostrava-město
Region: Moravskoslezský
cz Czech Republic