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Tire e-shop

On our website you will find not only a listing of our wide range of tire and car service, but also an extensive e-shop of tires. E-shop tires include a huge selection of tires for cars and SUVs, as well as delivery, motorcycle, freight, offroad and 4x4 as well as agricultural and industrial vehicles. If you did not find the product you were looking for in the e-shop, contact us, we will do our best to leave you satisfied.
Valid from: Aug 9, 2018
Validity till: Aug 23, 2018
Detailed information:
Tire e-shop

Jan Krčma

Mobile: +420 602 402 787
I.B.Z. - velkoobchod pneu s.r.o.

I.B.Z. - velkoobchod pneu s.r.o.

(Business ID: 26323796)
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