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Quality bedding for beautiful dreams

We offer the perfect sleep enjoyment in the form of quality bedding. There is nothing more important to health and life than perfect sleep. Quality bedding from our offer will make your tired body perfectly relax. Take a look at our offer and choose from a luxurious Damask bedclothes, a comfortable cotton or satin bed linen. Relief after all-day effort can be found in a practical crepe or warm flannel bedding.

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Valid from: Sep 14, 2018
Validity till: Oct 5, 2018
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Quality bedding for beautiful dreams

JK-plet, Dětenice Ing. Jakoubek

Phone Number: +420 493 596 105
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Phone Number: +420 493 596 105
Mobile: +420 602 282 843
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Dětenice 125
507 24 Dětěnice

District: Jičín
Region: Královéhradecký
cz Czech Republic