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Parking systems

Sep 11, 2019  Parking systems

Automatic parking systems are a comprehensive solution for parked and simplified parking in the car park. They are suitable for city, corporate and private car parks. The system is completely ready for EET.
- Automatic cash register
- Entrance and departure barrier
- Wide parking payment options
- Return overpayment
- Fast return on investment
- High security of cash deposited

Company: ELVIS
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Farm accommodation

Sep 4, 2019  Farm accommodation

Chill, relax, beautiful nature, the proximity of animals, plenty of leisure activities and excellent traditional cuisine, so is our idea of ​​a farm accommodation. The Old Kolín Farm is the perfect place to stop on your way through life. You get to a place that will change your view of life, it will energize you and help you regenerate in all aspects. Contact us for more information. We are looking forward to seeing you at the farm!

Company: CONTRADICTION s.r.o.
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Riding stables at the Old Kolín Farm

Sep 3, 2019  Riding stables at the Old Kolín Farm

Have you always wanted to look at the world from a horse's back? Does your daughter have been bagging for a ride forever? Fulfilled dream is sometimes much more than all the gifts of the world. Old Kolín Riding School offers lessons on good and tested horses. And when you learn to sit in the saddle, then you can go for a longer ride. The Old Kolín Riding School is ready for you. We are looking forward to you!

Company: CONTRADICTION s.r.o.
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Holiday at the Old Kolín Farm

Sep 1, 2019  Holiday at the Old Kolín Farm

If you are eager to escape from the city's hustle and bustle, then the holiday at Starý Kolín Farm is the right solution. Are you tired, do you not have fun and eat disgusting? Then believe that when you leave us, you will be energized for a long time. We will provide you with a relaxed atmosphere, great cuisine, a lot of activities such as visit to the riding stadium, excursions, a mini Zoo for the smallest visitors. Take advantage of our offer and recharge your energy.

Company: CONTRADICTION s.r.o.
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Leatherman Charge TTi MultiTools ®

Jul 25, 2019  Leatherman Charge TTi MultiTools ®

Hub quality titanium touch when designing multitool Leatherman Charge TTi was clear from the outset that the Charge AL and ALX is not necessary to beat because it's too hard. Instead, there was the combination of the two. However, TTi had to have some of their specific property. Moreover, the added premium was therefore comfortably shaped handle made of titanium and blade of stainless steel much better S30V ®. Who said that the MultiTool can not be sexy?

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