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Tripod turntable TTB05

Nov 26, 2021  Tripod turntable TTB05

The modern TTB05 tripod turnstile in color or all-stainless design with an attractive and modern design. The turnstile is bi-directional with high permeability. TTB05 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Company: ELVIS
Country: cz Czech Republic More...
Double turnstile TTB05D

Nov 25, 2021  Double turnstile TTB05D

TTB05D double-sided tripod turntable offers a wide range of uses both indoors and outdoors. The massive construction is resistant to mechanical damage and also contributes to the modern design of the entire turnstile. The turnstile can be equipped with a contactless card reader, bar code, etc.

Suitable for:
- building entrance halls
- sports stadiums
- outdoor areas

Company: ELVIS
Country: cz Czech Republic More...
Tripod turnstile TTB07

Nov 24, 2021  Tripod turnstile TTB07

The modern, stainless steel turnstile is a modern design. Also suitable for outdoor use.
Various turnstile equipment:
* Non-contact RFID readers
* Barcode reader
* Paddle arms
* ID card reader embedded in the turnstile leg
* Direction indicators of passage

Company: ELVIS
Country: cz Czech Republic More...