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Farm accommodation

Jan 18, 2018  Farm accommodation

Chill, relax, beautiful nature, the proximity of animals, plenty of leisure activities and excellent traditional cuisine, so is our idea of ​​a farm accommodation. The Old Kolín Farm is the perfect place to stop on your way through life. You get to a place that will change your view of life, it will energize you and help you regenerate in all aspects. Contact us for more information. We are looking forward to seeing you at the farm!

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Hunting needs for pros and enthusiasts

Jan 18, 2018  Hunting needs for pros and enthusiasts

We will provide hunters and army enthusiasts with everything you need on your travels. The hunting needs of our offer will be appreciated not only by professionals but also enthusiastic enthusiasts. Whether your gear lacks any hunting needs, you will surely find everything you need in our offer. If you do not find this product, please contact us, we will try to ensure the product. Hunting needs from our offer are ideal for professionals and enthusiasts.

Company: SAG INOVATION - CORP. s.r.o.
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Leatherman Charge TTi MultiTools ®

Jan 17, 2018  Leatherman Charge TTi MultiTools ®

Hub quality titanium touch when designing multitool Leatherman Charge TTi was clear from the outset that the Charge AL and ALX is not necessary to beat because it's too hard. Instead, there was the combination of the two. However, TTi had to have some of their specific property. Moreover, the added premium was therefore comfortably shaped handle made of titanium and blade of stainless steel much better S30V ®. Who said that the MultiTool can not be sexy?

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Riding stables at the Old Kolín Farm

Jan 17, 2018  Riding stables at the Old Kolín Farm

Have you always wanted to look at the world from a horse's back? Does your daughter have been bagging for a ride forever? Fulfilled dream is sometimes much more than all the gifts of the world. Old Kolín Riding School offers lessons on good and tested horses. And when you learn to sit in the saddle, then you can go for a longer ride. The Old Kolín Riding School is ready for you. We are looking forward to you!

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Katana, swords and machetes

Jan 17, 2018  Katana, swords and machetes

We can supply katany, swords or machetes to martial arts fans. Do you practice martial arts or are you just an admirer? We also offer you an offer that can support your combat training or admire incoming exhibits of elegant Japanese replicas. Japanese features are connected with attributes such as honor, respect and recognition. Our offer is not only quality but also reliable and honest to negotiation. You have our respect, we are here for you.

Company: SAG INOVATION - CORP. s.r.o.
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Swimming training fins

Jan 17, 2018  Swimming training fins

We are engaged in the sale of swimming training fins in first class quality. Swimming training fins help to mimic the natural movement of the legs and greatly contribute to the right swimming technique and effective training.

In our assortment you will find all sorts of swimming training fins.

For more information, please visit our website.

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KLIK-KLAP figurine - SUV (9/9)

Jan 17, 2018  KLIK-KLAP figurine - SUV (9/9)

As direct producers of our KLIK-KLAP toys we offer both retail and wholesale cooperation. From our assortment we now present: KLIK-KLAP figurine called SUV, which contains 4 wheel & 2x long roof & 1x big block. We deliver the toy in foil in folded state. This piece is made up of a series of 9 figures that together creates the contents of the Combo Box. Toys with CE certification from ITC Zlin. More on our website. Handmade in the Czech Republic. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Company: Ing. Jiří MODR
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Custom-made hot barrels

Jan 16, 2018  Custom-made hot barrels

We make hot barrels tailored to the requirements of our customers. In our offer you will find countless variants and sizes of hot barrels so that each of our clients leaves satisfied. We produce hot barrels from Siberian spruce and ThermoWood heat treated wood, with a plastic insert with stainless steel insert, with internal and external heating boiler and in addition in different sizes. And that none of the offered sizes suit you? Contact us! We produce hot barrels!

Company: KEGEL
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Kit instead of computer games

Jan 16, 2018  Kit instead of computer games

What we're gonna talk about, today's kids are slaves of computer games right from kindergarten, and it's getting harder to satisfy them with other, creative sets and toys. We can successfully say that we are achieving this task very well. Positive references from parents of our small customers are very positive. Kittens, games and other educational toys of our offer can print computer games from children's rooms! Try it too, you can not lose with us!

Company: Virteco s.r.o.
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Embedded pools

Jan 16, 2018  Embedded pools

We realize embedded pools in different atypical shapes according to your vision. We design your swimming pool, provide high quality filtration technology and we produce build in or free stairs. We also provide heat and counterflow pumps, lights with transformers, coiling tools and solar bubble foils.

Holiday at the Old Kolín Farm

Jan 15, 2018  Holiday at the Old Kolín Farm

If you are eager to escape from the city's hustle and bustle, then the holiday at Starý Kolín Farm is the right solution. Are you tired, do you not have fun and eat disgusting? Then believe that when you leave us, you will be energized for a long time. We will provide you with a relaxed atmosphere, great cuisine, a lot of activities such as visit to the riding stadium, excursions, a mini Zoo for the smallest visitors. Take advantage of our offer and recharge your energy.

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Hot barrels, hot baths and garden saunas

Jan 15, 2018  Hot barrels, hot baths and garden saunas

For the production of hot barrels, hot tubs and hot saunas, we have specialized in nearly two decades. During this time we have gained a reputation as a quality manufacturer and reliable supplier. Our goal is to be the most satisfied customer. If you are interested in any information about hot barrels, hot tubs or garden saunas, please contact us, we will be glad to introduce our products.

Company: KEGEL
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Pool edgings

Jan 15, 2018  Pool edgings

We assemble edgings of different sizes and materials. We provide bonding of special swimming pool tiles for various shapes and folds of the pools. We provide installation of the pool rim, which is intended for sitting or of the pool rim with the installed UV resistant pipe.

Production of plastic pools

Jan 15, 2018  Production of plastic pools

We produce plastic pools to bespo. We supply pools for indoor and outdoor use, which we produce in any shape and size, depending on customer requirements. Production material is resistant to frost and UV. Pools are supplied with all accessories (steps, filtering, lighting, etc.). The edge cam be covered with tiles, prepared for sitting, or it is possible to use overflow groove, in order to make the water level equal with the pool edge. Get in touch and we will help you with you project.

City festival realizations

Jan 14, 2018  City festival realizations

To entertain all citizens of the city at the social event is not easy. If you want to make sure, that your city festival will be successful, get in touch with us! We will not only provide program, which will entertain all generations, but we will also provide quality sound and lighting systems, we will arrange bands, DJs and other performers, for a smooth progress of the event. Contact us, you will be satisfied!